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Temima Crafts make wooden boxes which are beautiful and tactile on the outside and useful and fun on the inside. Ray cleverly crafts these boxes using our very own bandsaw blades.

I R Poyser use our bandsaw blades to make superb brass refracting telescopes in the traditional style. All of thier telescopes are individually made to suit customers' wishes and are designed to look wonderful, as well giving excellent optical performance. They have set themselves the challenge of continuing the fine tradition begun by makers such as Cooke, Dollond and Watson.They make Altazimuth Mounts, Oak Tripods, Star Finders and brass Eyepieces, all to the same high standards as the telescopes.

"On Friday I ordered three band-saw blades; they arrived on Saturday morning, so thank you very much for your prompt service."

Ian Poyser.